Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments for Health Condition

People usually hold the impression that semi-permanent makeup is used solely for superficial reasons. This is certainly not true! Since the early 1980s, the permanent makeup industry has boomed around the world. A reason for this rise in popularity is to assist individuals living with various health conditions.

There are a range of health conditions that can benefit from semi-permanent makeup treatments. Here at emBeauty - a permanent beauty salon in Chelmsford, we have listed three conditions that semi-permanent makeup is for:

Alopecia and Hair Loss

Our hair often plays a huge part in who we are and how people identify us. As a result, losing your hair can be extremely distressing for individuals suffering with cancer or alopecia. In turn with your hair falling out, your eyebrows and eyelashes often start to disappear as well. If this happens to you, you may feel self-conscious about the way you look. However, there is a perfect solution for creating realistic eyebrows through tattoo makeup. In the 1980s, microblading was developed to create natural, hair-like strokes in the place of eyebrows. Technicians also came to develop semi-permanent eyeliner which could mimic the appearance of eyelashes.


Unfortunately, facial scars can have a major effect on your life. However, semi-permanent makeup is an option to cover any scarring with natural colour pigments. For example, we provide an Aquarelle Lips treatment in our salon in Chelmsford that gently colours the lip in a blush pigment. This can be used to cover any lip scarring. If you want to cover scars on your eyelids, we also provide a stardust eyeliner treat which allows you to combine eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease

Both arthritis and Parkinson’s disease are debilitating conditions which often restrict movement in your body. Without the use of your arms and hands, putting makeup on a daily basis can be extremely difficult. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing makeup altogether. Semi-permanent makeup can act as a replacement for makeup by tattooing eyeliner, lipstick and eyebrows onto the skin. It is a quick and painless process with amazing results. Depending on your skin type, semi-permanent makeup can last anywhere between one to three years.

These are just three of many health conditions that can benefit from semi-permanent makeup treatments. However, if you believe any of our semi-permanent makeup treatments can help your condition, get in touch with our team at our beauty salon in Chelmsford on 07521 089200.