How To Enhance Your Eyes With Semi-Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of feeling like your eyes look too small without makeup on? Or that they have zero shape? Semi-permanent makeup is the way forward! By gently injecting pigment into the skin, semi-permanent makeup helps to add definition and shape to your features - enhancing your beauty! It is often referred to as ‘tattoo makeup’ due to its longevity. However, these treatments fade slowly over six to twelve months, meaning you can change-up your look after a few months.

Here at emBeauty - a professional semi-permanent beauty salon in Essex, we provide a range of different treatments that aim to enhance the way your eyes look:

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Say goodbye to smudged eyeliner and wonky wings! Semi-permanent eyeliner is the perfect treatment for women who are tired of spending hours in the mirror perfecting their eyeliner. Plus, we all know how a bold and defined eyeliner look can make us feel fresh and youthful - as well as make your lashes look thicker. In order to achieve the perfect look, the technicians at emBeauty will work with you to create a defined look that suits the shape of your eyes as well as your personal tastes.

Eyebrow Treatments

The shape of your eyebrows makes a huge difference to the look and shape of your eyes. With proper shaping and styling, the perfect brow can frame your eyes and add expression, warmth and depth. For those with naturally sparse eyebrows or who have lost their hair due to alopecia, we provide natural microblading treatments in two techniques. Microblading will add pigment in fine, hair-like strokes to create realistic-looking brows. While the ombre brows technique adds a gentle, natural-looking shadow to the brows to add definition and create the perfect brow shape. Our highly-skilled technicians will carefully consider the shape of your existing brows alongside your natural colouring and face shape.

Lash Extensions

While not necessarily a semi-permanent makeup treatment, lash extensions give you the appearance of fuller eyes and thicker-looking lashes for a number of weeks. The eyelash technician at emBeauty will listen to what you want to change about your eyes and look at your face shape, bone structure and existing eyes. We understand how your look can affect your confidence so you can customise the extensions to how you want them; whether it’s soft and fluffy or bold and dramatic.

If you would like to find out more information about our semi-permanent makeup treatments, get in touch with the team at emBeauty today on 07521 089200.