Microblading Training in Essex

Brows are big business. With more than three million Instagram posts with the hashtag #brows, it’s no surprise that they have been branded the ‘beauty obsession of the decade.’ As the demand for microblading in Essex increases, choosing a technician with the correct training is vital, as is selecting a quality training provider.

When you choose emBeauty for your microblading training, you’ll benefit from professional training courses with AcademyS UK by Sviatoslav Otchenash to become a microblading brow boss. With this in mind, emBeauty outlines what the course will entail to ensure you become not just a fully qualified but confident brow artist.

Health and safety.

To ensure you start your career on the right path, we teach you the correct health and safety benefits for microblading. Our courses cover everything from sterilisation to setting up your salon. This is to ensure you are able to protect yourself and your clients.

Treatment process.

Before you are able to set up your beauty salon in Essex, it’s important to understand the correct end to end practice. Our courses guide you through the full treatment process to ensure you are fully prepared and ready to transform your clients brows.

Techniques and aftercare.

We’ve all seen the horror stories about people who have received terrible microblading treatments. That’s why we cover a number of microblading techniques, including those that help you find the correct eyebrow shape and colour for each client. That way, you can get the perfect brow each and every time.

We also provide training on the aftercare process so you can provide clients with a top up treatment and talk them through any advice they may need.

Our courses by AcademyS provide you with the perfect opportunity to develop your career as a semi-permanent makeup artist in Essex. Prices currently start from £1,000 and there are four courses to choose from. These include basic microblading training with bonus manual shading, microblading perfection training, basic permanent makeup course and advanced PMU masterclass.

If you would like more information about semi-permanent makeup training, get in touch with Academy S today on 07521089200 or visit our microblading training page.