Ombre Brows: The Latest Beauty Trend Hitting Essex

Here at emBeauty - an expert semi-permanent beauty salon in Chelmsford, we get asked a lot about semi-permanent makeup treatments and how they work. However, one of our most popular questions we get is all about the eyebrow treatments we offer - particularly ombre brows.

Ombre brows, otherwise known as powder eyebrows, is the latest beauty trend following a sudden rise in popularity for semi-permanent makeup in Essex. Below we have answered all the most common FAQs about our popular ombre brows treatment:

What is the difference between microblading and ombre brows?

The process for creating ombre brows is similar to the traditional microblading technique. However, the pigment is deposited into the skin differently. For example, microblading uses a pen-like hand tool to create fine, hair-like strokes in the skin, whereas ombre brows uses a machine - much like a tattoo artist. Ombre brows are created using a small needle which deposits the pigment into the skin by creating hundreds of tiny dots. These dots create the overall powder-like effect that you cannot get from microblading. As a result, it can be less harsh-looking and create more of a colour spectrum, compared to microblading.

How will the treatment work?

During your first consultation for ombre brows, your qualified technician will carefully decide on the right shape and colour of your eyebrows. This will be based not only on what you’re looking for, but on your face shape, colour of your natural brows and skin type. Our AcademyS UK master technicians will use the face mapping technique to create a brow that complements your face and colourings so the results are natural and professional. Once your perfect ombre brows have been created, your technician will arrange a second visit to complete the treatment.

At the next appointment, your technician will make sure you are comfortable and begin applying numbing cream onto the area. The full process will include waiting for the numbing cream to kick in, mapping out the brows on your face and tattooing the brow. It can take anywhere between one and a half to two hours but your technician will help pass the time by sharing their brow stories!

After a couple of hours in our beauty salon in Chelmsford, you will walk out of the salon with beautifully-defined eyebrows. Before you leave, your technician will give you post-treatment instructions to ensure your ombre brows heal perfectly.

What is the healing process like?

It is important to follow all of the aftercare instructions to ensure your eyebrows fully heal. These directions are similar to post-tattoo care so you may be familiar if you have had a tattoo previously. For example, avoid scratching, harshly washing or applying pressure to your brows as you may remove the colour pigments from the skin. You may also notice your ombre brows begin to fade and/or peel slightly but this is a normal part of the healing process.

After two weeks, your eyebrows should be completely healed and looking like you have just filled them in. During the follow-up appointment, you will have an opportunity to touch-up any sections that have naturally lost colour. Sometimes if a client has oily skin, the pigment may not be retained by the skin so touch ups are required.

For more information about our ombre brows treatment at our Chelmsford salon, get in touch with the team on 07521 089200.