The Top Five Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup

In the last few years, semi-permanent makeup has emerged as the must-have beauty treatment around the world. From Kim K’s flawlessly microbladed brows to Cher’s bold permanent eyeliner, the semi-permanent makeup trend is loved by celebrities and individuals alike. With more women taking advantage of permanent makeup to take away the hassle of applying products every morning, our expert technicians have shared the benefits of getting semi-permanent makeup treatments at our beauty salon in Essex:

Permanent makeup provides you with long-lasting results.

Unlike stick-on faux lashes or drawn-on eyebrows, permanent makeup acts similar to a traditional tattoo by creating a shallow design on the skin. However, this design will be in the shape of your desired eyeliner wing or eyebrow shape. For microblading treatments, you will only need a touch up every one to two years - depending on your skin type. Therefore, your eyebrows will remain in your desired shape and size for a year - meaning you can say goodbye to trips to the salon every week!

You don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Are you tired of spending all your wages on eyebrow waxes, topping up your makeup bag or fake eyelashes? With semi-permanent makeup such as our Aquarelle Lips treatment in Chelmsford you don’t have to worry your lips looking flat or boring. Our semi-permanent lip blush treatment, otherwise known as Aquarelle Lips, applies a light pigment to the lips to keep them looking young and fresh . With this technique, we aim to add more definition to your lips to your natural shape without a visible contour.

It’s an easy solution for eyebrow hair loss.

Microblading was originally founded in Japan and was the first form of applying eyebrows for hundreds of years. Originally, artists would create hairstrokes in an ‘x’ pattern to mimic natural brow hairs. This technique has developed massively since when it started. Technicians are now taught to create fine and realistic looking strokes. As a result, microblading is the perfect solution for anyone experiencing hair loss or a lack of hair growth in your eyebrows. Plus, our microblading technicians deliver natural-looking hair strokes, which make it very difficult to tell you have had microblading done.

Semi-permanent makeup is painless and effective.

Semi-permanent makeup treatments are virtually painless. In fact, you will feel no pain during the process as numbing cream is applied to the skin. However, you may feel a little sore after the treatment - similar to a traditional tattoo. With zero side effects and a quick healing process, it is an effective way to complete your look without the hassle of applying makeup daily.

The results are natural looking.

Whether it’s permanent eyeliner or our eyebrow microblading treatments, it is impossible to spot the difference between natural makeup and semi-permanent makeup. As the best microblading in Chelmsford, our expert technicians know how to use their technique to their advantage and give our clients their desired look.

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