What You Should Know About Our Aquarelle Lips Treatment In Chelmsford

Originating in Europe, the Aquarelle Lips technique has taken the UK by storm. The Aquarelle Lips treatment focuses on enhancing your natural lip colour, rather than the lipstick look of previous years. Just as with microblading, the Aquarelle Lips treatment utilise your own natural beauty and what you already possess.

Our treatments for Aquarelle Lips in Chelmsford can give your lips a fuller, more plump look that we guarantee you’ll love. People have been crying out for Aquarelle Lips in Chelmsford. Fortunately, we can provide. Here at emBeauty, a salon offering semi-permanent makeup in Chelmsford, have put together a blog on the ins and outs of our Aquarelle Lips services.

How It Works?

By using a naturally opaque pigment, your lips will be left with a soft look that specifically suits your facial shape and features. We naturally contour around your lips while blending and shading the lip pigment when filling in. In doing so, we create the illusion of fuller lips. By making your face look fresher in a more natural, organic way, women of all ages are guaranteed to feel more confident as a result. Around two weeks after the semi-permanent makeup treatment, you’ll see the full extent colour-wise, of just what Aquarelle Lips can do for your look.

Our Consultation Process

The reasoning for the consultation process is two-fold. Firstly, it gives us a chance to explain fully what we will be doing, technically speaking. We’ll let you know the makeup our expert technicians will be using, the colouring we’ll be giving you and build an idea of how you will look (and feel) after the treatment.

Secondly, we will put you at ease. The prospect of semi-permanent makeup can be daunting for some. The word permanent often makes people anxious. There’s no need to worry though, because all of our beauticians in Chelmsford are highly trained and qualified to deliver permanent and semi-permanent makeup treatments.

Care All The Way Through

At emBeauty, we believe the treatment process doesn’t simply apply to when you’re sat in the salon. We provide high-quality aftercare advice regarding what you should do to look after your lips in the immediate aftermath of the treatment, but also with regards to looking after them longer term.

If you’re looking for Aquarelle Lips in Chelmsford, then look no further than emBeauty beauty salon. To find out more, why not give Monika a call on 07521 089200 today!