Training Courses

AcademyS Training Courses

At our studio in Chelmsford, we do training courses in cooperation with AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash.

Anyone, regardless of their profession or previous experience, can become a student of the AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash is a new, unique and innovative project and a result of more than a decade of hard work in the field of the beauty industry and PMU, constant development and experimenting with only one goal in mind – to create an innovative approach that will give the ultimate beauty experience to everyone involved.

These programs are carefully created to provide answers and solutions on demands in the beauty market, both in theoretical and practical aspects. In the AcademyS we deeply believe that the quality of the work can be maintained only by the constant personal improvement. That why AcademyS Masters are regular participants and panelists in the most important world’s forums in the field of the beauty industry and PMU. AcademyS by Sviatoslav Otchenash is no longer just a trend – but a true standard in the beauty industry!

Our courses by AcademyS give individuals the perfect opportunity to develop their career in the permanent makeup industry. For example, if you are already offering beauty services, you can add these treatments to your list and see a significant increase on your income as these treatments are incredibly in-demand at the moment. They are also perfect for those looking for a part-time job. You can often make lots more than full-time jobs!

emBeauty's training room for AcademyS courses

What we offer

  • Monika and Tatjana are both AcademyS Masters who teach with the highest quality standards in the industry of microblading and PMU.
  • They both held British VTCT Level 4 qualifications in Permanent Makeup and Microblading to provide accurate knowledge and high quality training.
  • Training is held in a high standard, hygienic, licensed studio with all approved CE equipment and European certified pigments provided for students.
  • We offer small group courses with a minimum of two masters supervising or one-to-one training with ongoing 1-1 support from your trainer and international AcademyS support.
  • All our courses are fully insured for your peace of mind. We are accredited by one of the reputable British Beauty Association - ABT.
  • You will gain knowledge on innovative products, techniques and business practices to ensure you strive in this competitive market.
  • You will receive tips and tricks to get better pigment retention and to help you perform flawless work, allowing you to attract more clients. For example, how to take outstanding photos to catch audience attention.
  • Top performing students may be offered collaboration opportunity and marketing support to help your business to grow and increase your client base.
  • An AcademyS attendance certificate and UK accredited certificate for your insurance.
  • Six-month post training online support
  • Participation in our exclusive private Facebook group, where former students share their work, discuss the experience and learn more hints and tips from one another.
  • ABT insurance with 10% off discount for all of our students.
  • VTCT level 4 conversion available for our students (UK students only).
  • The opportunity for top performing students to be considered for collaborative projects

Our Courses

Basic Microblading Training

Price: £2100
Deposit: £300
2 days
Accredited: ABT

Two days on site.
Online support.
The opportunity to join the 356/7 Microblading and PMU group on Facebook - the world's biggest support forum for permanent makeup.

Your training starts with the explanation of our techniques and covers all aspects of microblading:

  • Licensing and insurance
  • Health and Safety, work place preparation, aseptic & antiseptic hygiene, contraindications, allergic and sensitive skin reaction, patch test.
  • Skin theory
  • An introduction to colour, the basics of a colour wheel and the Fitzpatrick scale
  • Micro-pigmentation and PMU philosophy
  • Equipment – types of tools, blades and pigments
  • Pain management - learning about anaesthetics and how they work.
  • Face shapes and proportions
  • Symmetry and how to custom shape and colour

The practical part includes:

  • Latex practice - microblading and shading
  • Master demonstrations
  • Supervised work on model

Microblading Perfection Training

Price: £1200
Deposit: £300
1 day

Our Microblading Perfection Training has been designed for an already working artist who wants to develop their knowledge and move onto the next career level, offering clients outstanding results.

During this training course, we will teach:

  • More advanced patterns,
  • How to improve pigment retention,
  • How to create the thinnest, crisp strokes
  • Perfect healed results
  • Speed up pre-drawing shape

Perfection training usually lasts for one day and can be customised individually depending on student concerns. Perfection training can, but does not have to, include work on live models.

Basic Permanent Makeup Course

Price: £4750
Deposit: £500
5 days
Accredited: ABT

This Basic Permanent Makeup Course in Essex is for people who want to develop their beauty career or those looking to gain confidence in new techniques. Everything is covered on our makeup course; from initial consultation with clients to advising aftercare once the treatment is completed. Covering the artistry of application, you will leave the six days of training feeling confident in your future within permanent makeup training.

You will learn our signature treatments by Sviatoslav Otchenash:

  • Magic Brows shading (Powder/Ombre)
  • Aquarelle lip blush
  • Soft/Shaded Eyeliner and lash enhancement

Our course will also give you a portfolio of treatments and photos to give your future clients the reassurance they need when enquiring for your services.

With five days of face-to-face instruction from Tatjana Sevruk, a master trainer with worldwide industry recognition, students will learn the basics of permanent makeup. This includes fundamental theory, shape building, geometric rules, hints and tips for successful treatments as well as hands on practice using the AcademyS machine on models. You also will get a luxury PMU kit with everything that you will need to practice and subsequently work on.

Whether you are completely new to machine permanent makeup or have some past experience in beauty treatments, this makeup course will help develop your current knowledge and build your confidence in performing treatments. Once completed, you will receive a certificate from AcademyS - the leading providers of permanent makeup training courses. Successful students will receive the AcademyS logo to attach to your work and be added to world PMU Map.

Advanced PMU Masterclasses


1 day - £1200

2 days - £2100

3 days - £2600

Deposit: £300

We offer advanced courses in permanent makeup at our salon in Essex. These courses are design for an already working artist in the industry who would like to take their job to the next level.

We currently offer advanced masterclasses in:

  • Magic shading Brows
  • Aquarelle lips
  • Dark Lips Masterclass
  • Stardust Eyeliner
  • Latex Workshops
  • Pre-drawing workshops

For advanced masterclasses, we often invite the best world masters in the AcademyS school of PMU to share their knowledge and experience.

Levels of AcademyS courses

How to enroll

If you would like to join our AcademyS family please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information at: or +44 7521089200

We are looking forward to hear from you!

emBeauty are ABT accredited.