Training Courses FAQs

Are your courses accredited in the UK?

All our courses are accredited in UK with one of best reputable company - ABT and our students have 10% discount for the insurance.

What should I bring with me on the training dates?

If you already work in PMU, you should have your PMU machine including one point and three point needles but you can always try our machines in studio as well.

What time will we finish the training?

The class schedule is from 10am until 5pm, but we work until everyone learns the techniques; so be prepared for long productive training days. If you're planning to fly into the UK to complete the course, please do not schedule flights for the last day of training. It is best to schedule your flight to arrive the day before and leave the day after training.

Can I pay with cash?

The non-refundable deposit payment is required in order to secure your seat. It should be made by bank transfer. The balance can be paid with the cash if you would like.

How many models will I work with?

The training includes work on latex and work on models under trainers’ supervision. Students will work on 1 model per technique. If master will see that student is not ready to work on model then latex practice will be offered instead.

Can I bring my own model come with me?

Yes, you can have your model come to the training. It will also help you to see healed result. Please inform us if you planning to bring your own models.

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