Permanent Makeup Removal

While semi-permanent makeup can create some fantastic results, sometimes people are left unhappy with the results with the treatment. The team at emBeauty offer highly experienced permanent makeup removal treatments that can remove any pigmentation from your eyebrows, lips or eyelashes.

We offer two types of permanent makeup removal treatments including:

Laser Treatment

As one of the most common forms of laser removal, laser removal treatment is an effective method in removing tattoo makeup. Our expert technicians use a Q-switched laser, which produces short, powerful pulses of light. These bursts are absorbed only by the tattoo ink, meaning it is extremely safe for hair and skin. The ink particles are then broken down into smaller pieces where your body will remove them naturally via the lymphatic system. Under normal conditions, the process of the tattoo ink breaking down will begin two weeks after the laser treatment. The ink will continue to evacuate for approximately 4-6 weeks. For this reason, treatments are scheduled no closer than 4 -6 weeks apart.

How is the treatment carried out?

  • Protective eye shields are provided and the skin will be cleaned.
  • The laser applicator is then passed over the tattoo releasing quick pulses of light, an audible clicking noise is often heard as the ink particles break down.
  • Immediately following the treatment an ice pack will be applied to soothe the treated area.
  • The area will be tender and swollen a bit for few hours.
  • You can apply makeup on treated area on next day.
  • The treated location will need to be covered with sunblock when out in the sun during the healing process.
  • Initially the tattoo is unlikely to look any different but it will fade over the following 4-8 weeks as the body disperses it.

How many treatments will be required?

Every case of permanent makeup removal is different, meaning the number of treatments will vary. There are a variety of factors that will affect the number of treatments including:

  • What kind of pigments/ink someone used?
  • How long ago tattoo was done?
  • How deep in the skin someone worked?
  • How your own lymphatic system will cope with removing particles?

Generally, we expect most clients to have 2-6 treatments.


  • You will need to drink a lot of water to help your body with removing the ink.
  • After treatment the skin may be red and swollen, which is extremely normal after a procedure. Makeup can be done the next day as the skin is not broken.
  • Full after care instructions will be included in your consultation

Chemical removal

Another method of removing permanent makeup is using the chemical tattoo removal technique. We recommend this removal method when pigments such as white and green have been used in the tattoo. This is because the laser cannot see certain pigments so a chemical solutions must be used. At emBeauty, we use phiRemoval products which contain glycolic acid - an ingredient used in many skincare products for healthy skin. The products are applied to the skin where the extraction starts working straight away. It works to draw out the tattoo ink, moving it upwardly through the skin.

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