Do you want fuller and longer lashes from the moment you wake up? The highly skilled technicians at emBeauty – a professional beauty salon in Chelmsford, deliver a range of eyelash treatments to create flawless-looking lashes with added volume and length.

The full range of eyelash treatments we provide are:

Individual Lash Extensions

Unlike glue-on lashes and mascara, individual lash extensions give you the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes all day, every day! They are carefully applied by our trained technicians who will hand-glue a single lash extension onto your natural lashes. Whether you want all-out glamour or a subtle statement, our technicians will get to know what you want and advise what extensions are best for your lashes. Then, the technician will ensure each lash extension is beautifully curled and tapered on your eyes to imitate natural lashes.

Following the application, you should avoid getting the lashes excessively wet for the first 24 hours. This will allow the adhesive to dry. We also recommend combing the lash extensions with a clean spoolie brush every day to prevent the lashes getting tangled while you sleep or shower. Customers who follow the correct after-care procedures can see the lashes last for two to four weeks until they naturally fall out like your natural lashes.

Light Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are a relatively unheard-of technique, but the results are amazing. Similar to individual lashes, volume lash extensions are applied to an individual lash to create extra volume and length on your lashes. However, volume extensions contain anywhere from two to four ultra-fine single strands to create a fluffy, fanned effect on your lashes. Not only are they darker than classic extensions, helping to open up your eyes, but the lashes are also super lightweight, allowing you more customisation when it comes to choosing the look you want.

Despite being lightweight, it is important to visit a highly skilled and qualified technician like those at emBeauty Chelmsford to ensure the health of your natural lashes. Here at emBeauty, our main focus is to maintain the safety and comfort of our clients in our beauty salon. Our highly trained technicians use only the finest materials to enhance your natural beauty.

Lash Lift

Do you have stubborn and straight lashes? We offer a professional lash lift treatment to help lift and curl your lashes for bolder, more dramatic eyes. Our expert technicians will consult with you to create the perfect lashes, asking you questions about whether you would like fanned out lashes or have them point high toward your eyebrows. Before the

treatment, our technician will cleanse the lashes and separate the bottom eyelashes from the top ones. A silicone shield will be stuck on the skin using a gentle adhesive, acting as a base to place your lashes. The technician will then apply the eye-safe perming solution for six to twelve minutes, depending on your hair type. This is then followed by a setting solution and nourishing lotion to hydrate the lashes. The whole process takes about an hour from start to finish. However, the results are guaranteed to last six to eight weeks.

If you would like some further information about the treatments we have available for lashes, then please email or call/text 07751851192 today.

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