Microblading Eyebrows


Are you looking to achieve a natural brow look without having to pencil them in every day?

Whether you are suffering from hair loss or you are simply unhappy with the way your brows look, our highly qualified microblading technician will deliver natural eyebrows to suit your specific face shape and features.

Your First Consultation

Our professional technician, Monika, is an internationally recognised master in microblading. She is also an internal quality verifier for Level 4 Microblading and Micropigmentation in the UK - the highest possible qualification for microblading worldwide. Monika will carefully consider the shape of your existing brows along with your colouring and desired shape to create flawless, natural eyebrows. With a practically limitless choice of pigments, she will ensure the shade chosen suits your complexion perfectly.

Starting The Microblading Process

After an initial consultation to discuss the shape and colour of your brows, the microblading process will begin. Using the latest microblading technology, our expert technician will gently etch fine hair strokes into the skin to create realistic, feathered brows. If any eyebrow hair is still present, we ensure that our semi-permanent eyebrows blend perfectly into the existing hair for the most natural finish. This process usually takes an hour to an hour and a half but it will vary depending on your individual requirement.

Aftercare and Touch-ups

Once the treatment has finished, our technician will then let you know all of the important after-care instructions. You should also expect the brow area to look slightly darker than the colour you have chosen in the consultation. However, this will fade after three or four days.

Following the microblading treatment, your brows will require a second touch-up in five to eight weeks time. With the skin in the process of healing, it is common for the colour to not ‘hold’ in some parts of the skin and so, Monika will apply more pigment to the area. Once this touch-up has been done, the microblading pigment will remain for up to two years, depending on your specific skin type and lifestyle. Although we advise each of our clients to have yearly touch-ups to ensure your eyebrows stay fresh and flawless!

If you would like to find out more information about our microblading services, get in touch with Monika on 07955 543563 or send us an email at embeautymonika@gmail.com

Want to see examples of our expert microblading treatment? Why not visit our gallery!

Please note:
A deposit of £50 is required to book. This amount is then deducted from the final price.
The deposit is non-refundable if cancellation is less then 48h. Prices are subject to changes.