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Powder / Ombre Brows

Are you tired of having sparse eyebrows that you have to fill in every day? Why not treat yourself to stunning, natural brows with our ombre brows treatment – the latest craze in permanent makeup!

Our professional ombre brows service, often referred to as powder brows, is perfect for those who want to add more shape and colour in their brows to create a flawless and natural look. This latest technique is much more natural looking than old fashion eyebrow tattoos. We implant the colour pigment into the top layers of your skin, leaving you with your desired eyebrow look. Not only do the ombre brows look flawless and natural but the pigment is waterproof and smudge free, making it perfect for anyone looking for fuss-free makeup ahead of a holiday or special occasion.

Your First Consultation

Before you go ahead with the ombre brow treatment, our qualified technicians will arrange a consultation to understand what you are looking for. During this session, we will carefully decide on the right shape and colour of your brows based on your face shape, colourings and skin type. Our highly trained technicians are experienced in all aspects of semi-permanent, particularly eyebrow treatments. Therefore, they will create a colour that complements your skin and hair colour, so that the results are as natural and professional as possible.

The Ombre Brows Treatment

Ombre brows tend to have darker shades at the end and lighter shades the closer to the start of the eyebrow. The treatment is completely painless and creates a realistic, powdery finish, similar to normal makeup application, to deliver a flawless, fuller brow look. The results from our salon will last around 12 to 16 month, with a few extra sittings needed to be done to top-up on the colour. We use special techniques for our semi-permanent makeup in Essex so you can gain more realistic results than other permanent makeup techniques offered elsewhere.

After The Treatment

Following the treatment, our professional technicians will explain the aftercare instructions. For example, you may experience some swelling and soreness after the treatment, however, this will subside within a few hours. However, the technicians will also recommend that the colour should be touched-up between six to eight weeks after the procedure.

If you would like to ask more questions or are interested in this beauty treatment, get in touch with our team on 07521 089200 or send us an email at

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